The Groundbreaking lubricant that puts nature first.

The Ground-breaking lubricant that puts nature first.

All Natural.
All Powerful.

Why the name? Not only is Solvitall® a high-performing lubricant of many uses, but because it's safe, it can be used in any environment, from farm to sea. It's a no-headache, clear-conscience solution on all levels. Mechanic's friend. Gardener's secret. Biker's weapon. Chef's delight. Mariner's star.






Lawn + Garden



One Lubricant to
rule them all.

One Lubricant to
rule them all.

  • Loosen Seized Parts

  • Fight Corrosion

  • Prevent & Loosen Rust

  • Stop Squeaks & Friction

  • Protect Surfaces from
    Air & Water

  • Remove Adhesives,
    Tar & Scuffs

  • Improve the Action of Moving Parts

  • Clean Metals & Other Surfaces

  • Even Degrease!

Committed to the environment.

  • Non-Petroleum
  • Non-Toxic
  • Non-Flammable
  • Food Safe
  • No Toxic Fumes
  • No Pollutants
  • No Propellants
  • Non-Aerosol
  • Biodegradable
  • Certified Bio-Based

VIDEO: Solvitall
solves it all.

Is there a tougher place on metal parts than a boatyard? We let Chad from The Boatyard in Yarmouth, ME see it if Solvitall could stand up to the toughest challenges.

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Clean Beyond Green.

So who's behind Wicked Strong® products? We are down-to-earth futurists. Activists looking beyond sustainable to a vision of a clean future. Optimists? Yeah. Most bio products source soybeans from big agriculture and then wave green flags. We're not impressed. We take used cooking oil and upcycle it into clean, nontoxic, plant-based, carbon-negative products, looping it back into a circular economy, removing waste, and preserving resources. We're a growing movement of Carbon Citizens.™ Are you ready to join? Let's go!

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